The widely used RT-30 power cord A

Applicable scenarios: Excellent material, stable working performance, wide application, suitable for direct conduction between electrical connecting wires and cables of aviation, high-speed rail, ships and other equipment, improving transmission efficiency, maximizing signal, and high transmission safety factor.

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In line with international standards, it adopts various termination methods such as welding, crimping, and printed circuit board welding, various plug and socket structures and coatings, and precision-made pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof shells. Key words: There are parts that meet RoHS; meet the international certification IATF16949 international ccc flame retardant test, the material is made of special elastic, PVC, PVC insulated PVC sheathed copper shielded cable, the conductor is fine 99.99% oxygen-free pure copper core, Oil-proof, wear-resistant, tensile, high and low temperature resistant, flexible, environmentally friendly and flame retardant. Capable of long-term torsion and high-strength applications in complex environments, modified cables can withstand continuous, high-strength twists, use pure copper gold-plated points, and gold-plated contacts are wear-resistant, instantaneous wear, and anti-oxidation, use signal No exhaustion, and more than ten million cycles, the appearance of the cables on the market is the same, but our interior and materials are quite different. We only make quality, and we strictly use environmentally friendly new materials in the process. Good low flame retardant effect, not easy to ignite, self-extinguishing from the fire, to achieve permanent combustion effect, surface chrome plating process, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-embroidery, delicate hand feeling, timeless, uniform sandblasting first, nickel plating first, then chrome plating can be anti-corrosion , anti-oxidation, plug-resistant, not just as simple as appearance.

Product Parameters

Name: Aviation Connector Ambient temperature: -40°C~+85°C
Model: RT-30 Insulator: Thermoplastic PPS, high temperature resistance 260°C
Specifications: 4 cores Contact Material: Copper (gold plated)
Size: hole size 20mm Connection method: welding
Connecting method: threaded link Connecting times: ≥500 times
Shell material: zinc alloy (chrome plating)  

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