High voltage package wiring harness connection 0.2

The company adopts national standard RVV sheathed wire 3C safety certification, pure oxygen-free copper core, national standard quality cable, copper purity determines conductivity, conductor uses 99.999% high-purity oxygen-free refined copper, low resistance, better conductivity and lower loss Low voltage, stable voltage, no heat, high-efficiency transmission, no open circuit or short circuit after repeated winding and reciprocating tests.

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Ground group value, strong stability, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation, nylon raw material, nylon has very good chemical stability, flexibility, electrical insulation properties and thermal stability, using PBT, has excellent wear resistance and electrical conductivity, Good insulation, high temperature resistance, can be used in extreme environments (-20 ° C ~ 100 ° C), good dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance and oil resistance. Excellent electrical properties make it widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles and industrial parts and other fields for combustion-supporting shells. It is made of insulating materials, which is safer and more secure. It has sufficient materials, strong conductivity, strong power supply, and tight and reliable connections. Buckle design, reliable plugging and unplugging, prevent falling off, tighter connection and more assured use.

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1.Introducing our High-Voltage Component Wire Harness Connection 0.2, a truly innovative and high-quality product that is sure to exceed your expectations. 2.Our wire harness connection features a range of impressive product features, making it the ultimate choice for anyone looking for superior electrical components. We are proud to say that our wire harness connection has been designed and constructed according to the national standard RVV sheathed wire 3C safety certification, ensuring quality and safety every time you use it. 3.One of the most important features of our wire harness connection is that it incorporates pure oxygen-free copper core, providing optimal conductivity and high durability. The national standard high-quality cable ensures that our product is made to last, delivering consistent performance for years to come.

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