Aviation plug, 12MM socket aviation plug, connector connector

Applicable scenarios: waterproof connectors, waterproof plug cables, and waterproof plugs are widely used in outdoor LED (street lamps, display screens, architectural lighting fixtures, etc.) automobiles and ships, LED drive power, LED displays, lighthouses, and cruise ships. Industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, etc.

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Product Description

Safe and durable/waterproof and oil-resistant/quick link, made of high-quality PA66 shell, thickened nylon, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, enhanced combustion, pure copper gold-plated pins, thickened pins, long life, excellent conductivity The bus adopts standard M12 plugs, suitable for Pressure sensors, photoelectric sensors, encoders, LED lighting engineering, LED spotlighting, and other sensors and instrument connections, shipbuilding, aviation, automobiles, industrial equipment temperature sensors, and automation equipment and other industries as a professional production harness supplier Now, it has been widely recognized and trusted by customers. All products of the company have passed CE certification, CCC certification and ROHS testing to meet the relevant standards for safe use stipulated by the state, and are willing to develop and produce connectors with special regulations for customers. Environmentally friendly power supply waterproof cables certified by VDE, CCC, UL and other safety standards.

6 major core designs, waterproof and leakage-proof IP65 rating, fire-resistant, flame-retardant, heat-resistant and cold-resistant, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, thickened sealing ring with strong tension and good sealing performance, high toughness and clamping claws with a wide range of clamping points, pure copper core resistant to high voltage 500V.

1. Strict process requirements, strict production of waterproof joints, neat pressing, no burrs, clear and neat threads, a joint with high requirements in terms of quality and workmanship.

2. High-toughness clamping claws, high-toughness tightening, and enhanced waterproof performance. The clamping system has a wide range.

3. Thick waterproof sealing ring and high elastic sealing ring are designed, with strong fixed tension and good sealing performance, ensuring safe and waterproof use of cables.

4. Imported PVC combustion-supporting material, the surface is bright, hard, wear-resistant and safe, and the overall lock body is neat and smooth without air holes.

Product Parameters

Number of plug cores: 2-5 cores Working temperature -25°C~75°C
Rated current: 10A Waterproof grade: IP65
Rated voltage: 1-500V Outer mold material: PVC
Maximum nut size: 22MM Appearance color: black
Joint structure: male and female plug-in type Fire rating: UL94V-0

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